Pizza Games

Pizza Games is fun and easy way to pass the time when playing online. Get ready to have some fun and be a winner at Pizza Games. Play exciting Pizza Games online that you can play in your browser without downloading any software. There are many Pizza Games available online to play that you will love. Some of them are simple while others are more complex. You can find any kind of Pizza Game that you want to play easily and quickly.

World Pizza Championships – Takes part in the World Pizza Championships. Compete with other users from across the globe to become the most skilled Pizzeria owner. Create your own Pizza Map to determine where your pizza restaurants are located. Compete with others, to take place in the World Pizza Championships.

Pizza Boxes Event – Create your own Pizza Boxes events and join the international community in Pizza Boxes event. Get creative with your Boxes Event and design creative Boxes that are inspired by world famous Pizza Restaurants like Little Italy or your own house-made Pizzeria. The first two are available for you to play. The other two are advanced level games that you must complete before moving on to the first two. Play different Pizza Boxes events and win amazing prizes.

Dough Event – Create your own Dough Ball game and has become the best Pizza Chef in town. You can play one of two dough event types, either requires you to decorate dough balls with special ingredients that can only be used once or make dough balls using only the most common ingredients required for all the different pizzerias. You can also play one of two challenges, either you get to bake the most dough in ten minutes or you get to bake the most dough in one minute.

Pizza Chewing Game – It is easy to pass up eating Pizza when there is also this amazing Pizza Chewing Games that gives you a taste of Pizza heaven. You can play as Tony, you can be a chef or you can use one of the amazing chef weapons, the Folding Pizza Platter. There are three levels of folding you can attempt, starting off easy and the next level difficult and the last one being impossible no matter what. So start playing world pizza games and pass the time while getting your heart racing over amazing Pizza flavors.

Pizza Delivery – This is another of the exciting Pizza Games that helps you create different Pizza chains. Here you can create Pizza chains in different countries and sell them in your hometown or anywhere in the world. You can create different Pizza chains and compete with others to create the best Pizza chains, like delivering pizzas to five people at one time or delivering pizzas to the tallest building in your city. Create your Pizza restaurant the way you want it and become the most popular Pizza Restaurant in the world.

Freestyle ACB&D Dough Stretch – If you think you have mastered the art of making dough balls then you can try the Freestyle ACB&D Dough Stretch. This is a game for beginners, who would rather enjoy making dough balls as opposed to competing in an international tournament. In the freestyle version, you need to cook dough balls by scratching them with shakers made out of different materials. The goal in making a round ball is to make as many of them as possible.

International Pizza Cup – The International Pizza Cup allows you to compete with other online users from around the world. In this game, you can create your own Pizza chains, like Pizza Hut or Pizza Studio, and run them in the tournaments. The highest score in the tournament wins. You can even create your own Pizza toppings to top your Pizza’s and reach the largest folds.