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Enjoy the fun, free games like Papas Games on Game Karma, based on the life science and nutrition themed cartoon “DAICO: The Smart Cookie”. Play as a beloved, vegan chef and learn how to make scrumptious cookies. Have fun with sushiria, papa’s favorite fruit, also seen on the game’s cards. Sushiria is also the ingredient for many of the restaurant recipes featured throughout the game.

In the new game Papas! Vegas, enjoy the excitement of a thrilling adventure game while controlling two chefs at the same time. Your aim is to make it through the city as fast as possible, serving up mouth-watering dishes to every customer in your way. Master chef louie, Alex, has taken over the helm of the hot doggerel and he needs your help to take the diner reputation from a dismal starting point to a brilliant one.

You play as Alex, a culinary expert who has recently taken over the reins of the famous chef at the local pizza parlor. To earn money, Alex must impress the customers with his marvelous creations and help them to dine at the best pizza parlor. Papas! Vegas is the latest installment in the exciting, all-out action-packed game series, featuring top notch designers Nitaria and Cielo.

As the owner of a popular pizzeria, Alex struggles to maintain profitability amidst a competitive market. Amidst economic uncertainty, the local restaurant industry is struggling to survive, putting Alex and his loyal workers at risk. The local authorities are determined to take control of the deteriorating business situation by granting licenses to three new restaurants. However, when a dispute arises between a baker and his competitor, an explosion occurs that leaves the establishment devastated. With no way to afford the losses and debts, Alex and his loyal team of chefs must struggle to find a way to save the pizzeria and its delicious burgers and shakes.

The new storyline will put you right in the middle of the restaurant industry’s economic struggles. You play as one of three new characters, all of whom have been hired by the mayor to keep order in his town. Each of the characters has their own traits and you can change your strategies and level up according to which character you’re playing. In addition to managing the restaurants themselves you also need to deal with customers, secure licenses and perform routine tasks to earn money. These are all tasks you can accomplish by completing various jobs and earning credits through freezeria, sushiria, and makhaira games online.