Guide to Visiting Synagogues

Synagogues in Izmir are open to public visit only by prior reservation via e-mail to or fax to +90 232 421 31 95.


Reservation requests should be sent including the Visitor Form during office hours (Mon-Fri : 9:00-17:00) and minimum 24 hours before your planned visit.

Every visitor should fill in the Visitor Form and submit the copy of the passport photo page. Please click here for the VISITOR FORM

Visitors should bring along their passports while visiting synagogues for security checks.


Opening Hours:

Synagogues are open for public visits from Monday to Friday and Sunday from 09:30-12:30.


Beth Israel :

Open for visits from Monday to Friday and Sunday from 10:00-15:00.

All synagogues are closed for visits on Saturdays and during religious holidays.


Admission :

General admission fee : 20TL ( 7 Eur / 9 USD) per person


Free entrance is granted for Primary, Middle and High School (except universities) students upon presentation of a letter of request on headed paper with the stamp of the institute and signature of the Headmaster. Letter of request should include the number and the full names of students and accompanying faculty, official ID or passport number and requested time of visit/day. Students and accompanying faculty should carry the submitted ID or passport with them during visits.